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When starting up the Flytec Balloon 4 for the very first time (or any time later after a <<todo: Factory Reset>>), you will be asked to:

  1. Select a language
  2. Select the basic units group

Selecting a language

<<todo: see selecting a language>

Selecting the basic units group

The choices are:

  1. Metric: Alititude in m, vario in m/s, distance in km, speed in km/h, pressure in hPa, temperature in °C
  2. Imperial: Altitude in ft, vario in fpm, distance in miles, speed in mph, pressure in inHg, temperature in °F

This is only for the initial setup. You will be able to <<todo: change the units individually>> to your liking afterwards.
Use KB up down.png to toggle between metric and imperial. Press KB ok.png to confirm your choice.