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Select an airspace file in the Connect 1 Prep app. Later you will be able to choose and configure further settings, such as alarms, etc.

  • Connect 1 Prep mode

Selecting an airspace file

Once you have added airspace files in OpenAir format onto your Connect 1, you can make a selection of a particular file directly on your instrument. If no file is selected, tap on "select file" and the list of files on your Connect 1 appears. Choose the desired file, the Connect 1 will then show you the name of the selected file and how many airspaces it contains. You can clear this selection any time or just choose a new file.

Should you accidentally delete the chosen file from the folder "airspaces" while in USB mode, the information symbol (i) appears in your status bar and warns you that the file is missing. You then get taken to the airspace menu in Prep mode.

  • No airspace file is selected
  • List of airspace files
  • Clearing a selected airspace file
  • Airspace file missing