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Setting up Wi-Fi and automatic firmware updates

The Wi-Fi mode is an important one of the Connect 1 main modes, as many features of the Connect 1 depend on it. It is therefore recommended to connect the vario to the internet regularly to check for updates. Especially after purchase, we recommend it's the first thing you do.

Setting up Wi-Fi

On your home screen you see the button "Wi-Fi". Tap it in order to get to the Wi-Fi configuration menu.

The dialogue "Enable Wi-Fi" appears, tick the box and a list of available Wi-Fi networks appears. Tap on the one you would like to connect to.

If the network requires a password, tap on the box "password" and a touch keyboard will appear on your screen. Once you press "connect" the Wi-Fi Symbol in your status bar will start blinking. Once a connection is established, it will be shown permanently.

Software updates

We recommend one of the first things you do, after having purchased a Connect 1, is to check online for a software update. And since we release updates regularly, make sure your vario is online every once in a while.

Connect your vario to the internet as described above. If an update is ready, and information symbol (i) appears in your status bar. Tap on the status bar and then tap on the notification. The information displayed gives you further details on the version you are about to install. Tap "Update" and the installation will proceed. Note that this might take up to 10 minutes.

  • A firmware update is ready
  • Confirming update