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External wind vane sensor

The Element Speed can be connected to an external wind vane sensor, available for purchase from your vendor. Normally, the Element Speed displays Ground Speed with the label GND shown on the flight screen, but when connected to a functioning airspeed sensor the label will change to AIR and the Element will display airspeed instead.

  • GND vs. AIR speed

All configuration on this page can be accessed in the Flight settings menu:

Press and hold MENU.
Use the arrow keys to scroll to Flight settings, press OK.
Use the arrow keys to scroll to Airspeed, press OK.

Stall alarm

Here you may activate or deactivate the stall alarm, which only works, if an external sensor is connected.

Stall threshold

Set the threshold at which the stall alarm sets in. Stall threshold can be set to any value from 15.0 to 99.9 km/h (or from 8.1 to 53.9 kts or from 9.3 to 62.0 mph).


Airspeed can be corrected +/-50% under the Speed menu. This could be useful if the shape of your pod harness is affecting your speed sensor’s accuracy, for example.