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Flight mode

FB4 screen overview.png

Status bar

The status bar shows general information about the Flytec Balloon 4's.

FB4 status bar.png


Graphic vario

The graphic vario shows your vertical speed (climb or sink) in m/s (ranging from -10 m/s to +10 m/s) or fpm (ranging from -2000 fpm to 2000 fpm).
Note that the scale for the graphical vario shows m/s. We are currently developing a sticker you can put over this that will show the scale in fpm.

Graphic vario (m/s)
Graphic vario (fpm)


The altitude indicator gives your altitude, either MSL (QNH) or Flight Level (QNE).

Press KB altitude.png to cycle through the three indications: m - ft - Flight Level - m - ... (if units are set to imperial: ft - m - Flight Level - ft ...)

Numeric vario

Vario numeric.png
The numeric vario gives your vertical speed, either in m/s or fpm.

Ground speed

Ground speed is given in kilometers per hour, knots, or miles per hour.


FB4 compass.png
The compass rose indicates your course graphically. When showing the launch page, the compass rose indicates the direction to launch.


The time indicator displays either time of day or flight time.

Press KB time.png to switch between the two time indications.

Flight pages

In flight, your Flytec Balloon 4 has a lot more information than can be shown all at once on the display screen.

Press KB up down.png to flip through the different flight pages in the lower part of the screen.


Course: Flight direction, in degree
QNH: Currently set QNH
Temp: Envelope temperature, as reported by TT34, in °C or °F


Course: Flight direction, in degree, in big digits


Launch: Direction to launch
km (or mi): Distance to launch


Envelope temperature information, as received by the TT34.

Temp: Envelope temperature, as reported by TT34, in °C or °F
max: Maximum temperature for this flight, in °C or °F


Detail information on the TT34 temperature transmitter

TT34: TT34 currently connected to Flytec Balloon 4
Rcptn: TT34 reception status
Bat.: TT34's battery status


Current position and satellite information

N or S: Latitude
E or W: Longitude
Sat.: Number of satellites currently receiving

Battery charging

Battery charging information. This page is only available while the battery is being charged.

1&2: Charge status of bank 1, consisting of batteries 1&2
3&4: Charge status of bank 2, consisting of batteries 3&4
Battery charging

Flight information

To access information about the ongoing flight:

  1. Press the KB ok.png key at any time during a flight.
  2. After 20 seconds the screen will return to normal, or you can immediately return to the normal display by pressing KB time.png.

The information given on the flight information page is:

  • Maximum value of ALT1
  • Maximum climb rate of the current flight
  • Maximum sink rate of the current flight
  • Elapsed flight time
  • Current date and time of day
flight information page

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