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Flight recording

Launch detection

The Flytec Balloon 4 detects launches automatically, based on your balloon's vertical and horizontal movement. This means that the flight time clock also starts automatically, and will show you the accurate time. Flight recording will also start as soon as a launch is detected, and includes the points a few minutes before launch to provide a complete track.

Once launch is detected, the Flytec Balloon 4 stores position, altitude and TT34 temperature (if active) every 5 seconds, both as a Google Earth file ("KML") and an IGC file.

Flight recording is indicated by the recording symbol in the status bar:

Icon recording.png

Constant recording

Instead of automatically starting the flight recording when launch is detected, the Flytec Balloon 4 can be set up to start the recording as soon as a first GPS fix has been acquired.

Landing, stopping the recording

Unlike with other aircraft, detecting a balloon landing based on their movement is not possible. Therefore you need to manually end the recording, by turning off the Flytec Balloon 4:

  1. Press KB time.png and hold for 3 seconds, then confirm with KB ok.png: The recording stops.
  2. You see the flight analysis page for the flight that just ended.
  3. Press any button to turn off the vario

Note: Flights shorter than 5 minutes are discarded.

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