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Software updates

Identifying the current software version

Volirium will occasionally issue firmware updates for the Flytec Balloon 4, to improve its functionality and offer new features. It is important to always upgrade to the latest firmware version. The current version of your software is indicated when starting up your Flytec Balloon 4, or in the Menu under Device-About, the number on the first line.
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Note: Your Flytec Balloon 4 consumes battery power when in USB mode. Do not leave it connected to your computer for an extended period of time as this will drain the vario's battery.
Note: Be sure your Flytec Balloon 4's batteries are fully charged before installing new firmware! If the vario runs out of battery power while it is updating its firmware, it may not work properly afterwards.

Installing a firmware update

Connect your Flytec Balloon 4 to a computer to have the FlytecBalloon drive come up. On this drive you find the program 'FB_Actualizer'. Run this program occasionally, or after receiving notice of a new version through our newsletter. The FB_Actualizer program will establish a connection with our server to search for new software, and guide you through the update process.

The update program
Vario is already up to date
Update downloaded, restart vario to install

To complete the installation

  1. Click Eject (sometimes called disconnect safely) on your computer before disconnecting your Flytec Balloon 4 from your computer.
  2. Switch on your Flytec Balloon 4 by pressing KB time.png.
  3. Confirm Update? by pressing KB ok.png.
  4. Observe that 'FLASH' appears on the display, and the graphical vario segments start to flash on and off. This process takes about 5 minutes.
  5. The vario will turn itself off automatically once the update is complete.

The firmware file remains in the update folder after the update, but its ending changes from .upg to ._pg. If you change the ending back to .upg, your Flytec Balloon 4 will offer to re-install this version the next time you turn it on.

Trouble shooting

Normally, the update process starts automatically the first time you turn on your Flytec Balloon 4 after downloading a new version. When updating from versions 1.5 or 1.6 to a newer version, it can happen that the Flytec Balloon 4 starts into normal flight mode. In that case, you must follow this procedure one time to enforce the update:

  1. Remove the batteries.
  2. Connect your vario to the charger.
  3. Now the update process will start, you will see 'FLASH' on the display.
  4. Let it run until 'END' appears on the screen.
  5. Unplug the charger, and put the batteries back into the battery compartment.

Error messages

When updating the software, you may get one of five error messages.

  • Error 1: No update file found. Go through the procedure above and try again.
  • Error 2: The update file is corrupt. Go through the procedure above and try again.
  • Error 3: There is more than one valid update file. Check the contents of your update folder and ensure there is only one file ending in .upg
  • Error 4: An error occurred in the Flytec Balloon 4's co-processor. Try again and if it keeps failing, contact our technical support.
  • Error 5: An error occurred in the Flytec Balloon 4's main processor. Try again and if it keeps failing, contact our technical support.

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