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Sound volume adjustment

The Flytec Balloon 4's acoustic vario has four different sound volume levels and can additionally be muted all together.

Press KB audio.png repeatedly to cycle through the five options: 0% - 25% - 50% - 75% - 100% - 0%...

While doing so, you will hear a double-beep at the current volume - or a single beep when the vario is muted.

The currently selected volume level is indicated in the status bar:

  • Audio 025.png: 25%
  • Audio 050.png: 50%
  • Audio 075.png: 75%
  • Audio 100.png: 100%
  • Audio 000.png: mute, 0%

Note: If your vario acoustics mode is set to in flight only, your vario will remain quiet while on the ground in general. But after changing the audio volume, the vario beeps will be audible even before launch for 30 seconds, to allow you testing your setting.

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