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In the Connect 1 you can configure a number of aspects of your instrument explained in the following paragraphs.

  • Connect 1 config mode

Audio volume

Here you can adjust your audio volume. Increasing and decreasing it is possible via the touch screen or with the + and - keys. The same is possible with a long press on the loudspeaker key. Under "Audio on" may also adjust, if your vario should beep all the time or to remain silent until take-off has been detected. In "flight only" I will not beep constantly while you're still preparing for take-off.

  • Adjusting the audio volume
  • "Audio on" settings
  • Default: General purpose settings, works in most conditions.
  • Helium: High-pitched setting, cuts pretty well through wind noises, we expect this to be useful for hang gliders.
  • Lethargy: Slow and low, our favourite for strong thermal days on which you only want to hear about real thermals.
  • Speedy G.: Very fast reaction and perfect for very weak days on which you want to be informed about any bit of rising air.

In addition you may enable or disable climb audio, near-thermal audio, and sink audio as well as adjust the thresholds for those three sounds.

  • Configuration of the acoustic vario
  • Base frequency adjustment
  • Choosing a sensitivity profile


  • Send analysis data: You will find this activated by default. This means that the Connect 1 sends us debug data after a software crash, the next time it is connected to the internet. We only receive the instrument's serial number and a log of the crash – we receive absolutely no personal data. The crash logs will greatly help us find the crash’s cause, and make the Connect 1 software more stable. However, you have the option to opt out of this debug data transmission.
  • USB write protection: Here you can set a "write protection" when downloading your data onto a computer via USB. When write protection is enabled, it means that data can only be copied from your Connect 1, but not onto it. This protects you from viruses from an unknown computer, for example at competitions.

Standard units

Here you may set your preferred units for the entire instrument for values such as distance, speed, or pressure. Each individual indicator in flight mode can, however, be given a unit different from the standard you set. See configuration of flight pages


Here you enter information about yourself: Your name, glider type, and glider ID. This data is the basis for validating your IGC files, for example at competitions. It allows you also to deactivate recording in Google Earth format.

  • The menu "Recording"


Here you can set the contrast of your display. We find that the optimum is in the area of 60 %. Adjustments can be made either via the touch screen or the + and - keys.

  • Adjusting the display contrast


Here you have the option to choose 12 or 24 h format. You set your time zone by first selecting a region and then a city.


Set your language in the Config menu. Currently supported are:

  • English
  • German
  • Choosing a language