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Flight mode

The flight mode on the Connect 1 offers you a series of flight pages with different indicators.

  • Choosing Flight on the home screen

When selected, you have the option to scroll between different flight pages and to modify indicators and pages. Scrolling is done by tapping on the arrows at the bottom left and right of the screen. The flight pages as shown below are:

  • Thermal
  • Thermal XL
  • XC
  • Wind XL
  • Map
  • Race
  • Flight page "Thermal"
  • Flight page "Thermal XL"
  • Flight page "XC"
  • Flight page "Wind XL"
  • Flight page "Map"
  • Flight page "Race"

If you wish to change the orientation of the map in flight, tap on it and choose "heading up". At the same time you can zoom in an out using the + and - keys. Should a question mark (?) appear on your map, it means you have no GPS fix and your position cannot be determined.

Customising your flight pages

You can customise your flight pages in two ways. First, in preparation you can choose which ones you want displayed in the first place. Secondly, you can choose, which indicator you want displayed in each field. To change an indicator, tap on it and then choose "Select indicator".

  • Changing an indicator
  • Selecting an indicator

Note: It can happen that two indicators are displayed in one field. In order to clear a field and display a new indicator, choose any indicator other than one that is currently selected. This will reset the field.

Flying a race or an XC route

There are a few variables you might want to take advantage of, when flying an XC route or a race. Here we show you, what you can modify.

Audio volume

In flight (or anywhere else) you can adjust the audio volume directly with a long press on the loudspeaker key. Then change the volume with the controls on the screen or with the + and - keys.

  • Long press on the loudspeaker key

Zeroing relative altitude

To zero the relative altitude, set one of the altitude indicators to Alt rel (see flight screen config) and then perform a long press on the indicator. Alternatively tap on it, choose "Adjust" and then "zero"

Note: In order not to change any settings by mistake, for example when taking off, you can lock the screen of the Connect 1.