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See flight preparation to learn how to add waypoints to your Connect 1, create an XC or a race route.

Variable indicators

Your most comprehensive flight screen for flying a race a is the last screen, the race screen. It works equally well for flying an XC route, however, that's why you have the option of adjusting many of its parameters.

Below you see what information on this screen is given and how you can modify it:

  • Race time: Tap on it to change between race time or air time. If race time is selected, this indicator shows you: launch, start countdowns and individual race duration
  • Distance to next turnpoint: This is marked by Next and a distance unit. Tap on this indicator to switch it to distance to goal and to change its unit, if desired.
  • Distance to goal: Same as distance to next turnpoint.
  • Glide: This indicates glide ratio to next turnpoint or to goal, tap on it to configure your preference.
  • Next turnpoint: This indicator displays the name of your next turnpoint. Tap on it to change navigation to a different turnpoint. The list of all waypoints in your active route will appear, tap on the waypoint of your choice.

In addition to the above information, you see the cylinder of your next turn point and your optimised direction toward it and the next turnpoint, if you're flying a race.

  • Race screen

Note: Wherever you see any of the above shown indicators, i.e. on any other flight screen, you can modify them in the exact same way as described above.

Acoustic indicators

When a turnpoint is completed, a jingle is played.

After your flight

The route is automatically deactivated, after the pilot completes it. And after that, you might of course want to take a look at your accomplishment and visualise your route.