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Apart from the acoustic settings related to the vario profiles, you can define general audio settings on the Element Speed. All these settings are in the Flight settings menu:

Press and hold MENU.
Use the arrow keys to scroll to Flight settings, press OK.

Audio frequency

You can raise or lower the frequency of the lowest climb tone to hear overall higher or lower pitched beeps. The default ist 800 Hz.

Audio mode

Choose between two settings: Always or In flight. When in the default mode of Always, the Element will emit vario tones whenever it is switched on (and you have the audio volume level above "mute"). It can be inconvenient to hear tones when preparing your gear for flight or if you want to use your Element to record hike-and-fly adventures, for instance, because you won't want to hear vario tones while you walk through nature. Selecting In Flight ensures that the Element will only emit vario tones after it detects your take-off.

When your vario is set to In flight audio mode, you can still get a vario sound by briefly pressing the loudspeaker key. You will have vario sound for the next 20 seconds, then your Element will be silent again until it detects a take-off.