Element Speed:Basics

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Switching on and off

Switching on

Press and hold the on/off key.
Confirm On? with OK.
Cancel with .

Switching off

Press and hold the on/off key.
Confirm Off? with OK.
Cancel with .

  • Press and hold to switch on and off


The Element Speed comes with two standard AA batteries, which are inserted on the back of the instrument. The instrument warns you, when the charge level drops below 30 %. See the technical notes for information on re-chargeable batteries.

  • Battery compartment

Setting a language

Press and hold MENU .
Use the arrow keys to find Preferences.
Use the arrow keys to find Language.
Select your preferred language by pressing OK.

Keypad functions

The following two diagrams show the functions of the keypad. The second diagram for text entry is needed for example when entering the pilot's name.

  • Keyboard functions
  • Text entry