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For some of these settings you will have to enter text, view the diagram for text entry. All configuration on this page is accessed in the Preferences menu:

Press and hold MENU.
Use the arrow keys to reach Preferences, press OK.

Time zone (UTC)

Your Element's time and date are automatically set by GPS, however you must input your time zone in the form of an offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). To look up your UTC setting, use www.worldtimeserver.com and click on your country and city. When you have selected Time zone in the Menu, you use the arrow keys to set your UTC offset.


Choose between English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Pilot information

Enter your name.

Units of measurement

The Element offers different units of measurement for altimeter, vario, distance, time, speed, and pressure.

Key tone

Set a key tone for the Element Speed. You may choose between off, low, default, and loud. These values are relative to the overall audio volume you have set. Default means that the key tone is set at the same level as your overall audio volume.

Display contrast

Set your display contrast here with a value from -7 to +7 according to your preferences.

Battery type

If you want to change the type of battery used in the Element Speed, see the technical notes.

Further customisation

You can customise your Element Speed according to flight type and weather conditions with one of 5 vario profiles, additional audio settings, and speed settings.