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USB connection

Your Element works like a USB stick - plug it into your PC or Mac and the drive ELEMENT appears on your computer.

Switch off your Element.
Connect the Element to your computer with the USB cable.
Open the drive labelled ELEMENT on your computer.
The below list of folders appears on your computer.
Eject/safely remove the Element, before unplugging the USB cable

  • config: Your configuration data is stored in this folder. You should normally not have to manipulate it.
  • flights: This folder stores your IGC files, i.e. your recorded flights. You can drag and drop these files onto your computer and view them in your personal flight log. On our page data evaluation you find some tips and tricks on what you can do with your IGC data.
  • system: A log of your instrument's activities is kept on your Element. We might occasionally ask you to send us your log file for trouble shooting.
  • updates: This is the folder in which update files are saved, if a software update is available.
  • waypoints: Stores your waypoint files. Find out how to plan a route and create a waypoint file.
  • ELEMENT drive on your computer
  • Folder structure on your computer

Note: Your Element consumes battery power when in USB mode. Do not leave it connected to your computer for an extended period of time or you will drain your battery.

Note: Always choose "Eject" on a Mac or "Disconnect Safely" on a PC before disconnecting your Element.

Note: If you accidentally delete an IGC file from your Element while it's in USB mode, don't worry. You can recreate the file by manually exporting a flight.