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This page explains the technical details on creating a route. We also have a separate page with a complete tutorial on how to fly a route as well as how to fly a race.

Creating a route

To follow your planned cross country flight, you will need to create a route that tells the Element how you want to fly over the waypoints. Note that saving a route creates a file stored separately from the waypoint list already in the device's memory. All examples here are taken from the data shown on the page on planning a route.

Press and hold MENU, then select Route. Press OK.
Select Edit. Press OK.
Press F1 to open the list of waypoints. Use the arrow keys to highlight your first waypoint, in this case Ager take-off. Press OK.
Use the arrows to select the cylinder radius for the waypoint. We recommend the default value of 400 m. Press OK.
Repeat these steps to add the other waypoints on the route.
Press ESC to save the route and return to the Main Setup Menu.

Activating the route

In order to tell the Element you are ready to fly the saved route, you must activate the route. This gives the Element the instruction to start navigating you along the chain of waypoints.

Note that you will be prompted to enter a start time for your route. For normal cross country navigation, simply select No for the start time. Learn here how to fly a route with the Element. (Entering a start time for your route activates your Element's competition mode. See the race tutorial for information about flying competition routes.)

Press and hold RTE. Confirm Route Start by pressing F2.
You will see the prompt Start time. Use the arrow keys to select No. Press OK.
The route is now activated and your Element will start navigating automatically upon take-off.

Deactivating the route

An activated route will remain in active mode until you deactivate it, even if you switch off your Element. You also cannot edit the route until you deactivate it.

Press and hold RTE. Deactivate Route √ by pressing F2.

Erasing the route

Deleting the route will not erase the waypoints from your stored waypoints list, because they are stored separately.

Press and hold MENU, then use the arrow keys to select Route. Press OK.
Select Del all WP. Press OK.
You will see the prompt Delete Route? Press OK.