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This page explains how to get waypoints onto the Element. These might then be combined into a route, which you can learn how to do here: creating a route.

Entering waypoints manually

The manual way to enter waypoints is shown here using the example of the first waypoint, called Ager take-off in the list of the example on the page on route planning.

Note: see the getting started section for a visual guide to help you with text entry.

Press and hold MENU, then use to select Waypoints. Press OK.
Use the arrow keys to select Edit. Press OK.
Press F1 to create a new waypoint.
Spell out Ager take-off using to select the letters and F1 / F2 to move back and forth. Use RTE to toggle capital letters and special characters. Holding down RTE will also delete a character. Press OK to move on to the next page.
Select N and enter 42° 2.765' for the latitude. Press OK.
Select E and enter 00° 44.774' for the longitude. Press OK.
Enter 1565 m for the Ager take-off waypoint altitude. Press OK.
The waypoint named Ager take-off is now saved. Repeat this procedure to enter the other waypoints.
Press ESC to return to the Main Setup Menu.

Uploading waypoints from file

You can also upload waypoints to the Element from many popular file formats using your computer. This feature is a great timesaver when you have many waypoints to enter, or if you've received a waypoints file from someone else—for instance as part of a paragliding competition. To create your own coordinates and save them into a file, see the page on route planning.

Importing from file onto your Element

After having added your waypoint file to the folder "waypoints", restart the Element and perform the following operation to add the data to your stored waypoints list:

Switch on your Element.
Press and hold MENU, then use the arrow keys to select Waypoints. Press OK.
Use the arrows to select Import WP. Press OK.
The waypoint files you have copied onto your Element appear as a list. Use the arrows to select the waypoint file you want to import.
Select the file of your choice with OK.

Warning: Importing a waypoint file will delete all other waypoints stored on your Element

File formats

The Element currently supports these formats and file extensions:

  • CompeGPS (*.wpt or *.com.wpt)
  • FS waypoints (*.wpt or *.geo.wpt)
  • OziExplorer (*.wpt or *.ozi.wpt)
  • SeeYou (*.cup)
  • WinPilot (*.dat)
  • GPX (coming soon)
  • KML (coming soon)

For the conversion of waypoint files into an accepted format, we recommend GpsDump.

Saving current position as a waypoint

There are two fast and easy ways to save your current coordinates to your waypoints list.

Create a new waypoint

Every time you create a waypoint, the Element offers you its current position as the default coordinates. You can instantly save your current position as a waypoint by simply using the OK key to confirm this default waypoint information. Your position will be stored as a new waypoint with a name comprised of two numbers that represent the date and time you created the waypoint:

Ex: 220415 152845 is a waypoint created on 22 April 2015 at 15 h 28 min 45 s (local time).

Use the info key

When you call up the Info page by pressing the info key, you can then use OK to automatically save your current location to the waypoints list. The same format is used for the waypoint name.

Press the info key (i).
You will see the prompt Pos→WP. Press OK.

  • Setting current position as waypoint


Navigate to any stored waypoint at any time using the Goto function. We continue using the waypoints generated in the example in planning a route. To see this entire flight explained, see the flying a route tutorial.

Press and hold WPT. Activate Goto - by pressing F1.
Use the arrow keys to select Vilanova de M. Press OK.
The arrow in the compass rose will now point you to Vilanova de M.
You can also easily cancel the Goto function. Press and hold WPT. Cancel Goto √ by pressing F1.
As long as you still have an active route, the Element will resume pointing you to the next waypoint along your route once you cancel the Goto function.

Deleting waypoints

Erasing individual waypoints

You can also choose to erase waypoints from your Element's stored waypoints list. If the waypoints you delete are also part of a saved route, they will remain in the route.

Press and hold MENU, then use to select Waypoints. Press OK.
Select Edit and press OK.
Use the arrow keys to select Ager take-off. Press F2 to delete.
Your waypoint Ager take-off has been deleted.

Erasing all waypoints

Be careful with this feature! It is easy to erase all the waypoints from your Element.

Press and hold MENU, then use the arrows to select Waypoints. Press OK.
Select Delete and press OK.
Confirm all WP Delete? by pressing OK. Press ESC to cancel.