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First start

When starting up the Flytec Balloon 4 for the very first time (or any time later after a Factory Reset) by pressing KB time.png, you will be asked to select a language and the basic units group.

Selecting a language

Select your preference from the list of available languages.

Selecting the basic units group

The choices are:

  • Metric: Alititude in m, vario in m/s, distance in km, speed in km/h, pressure in hPa, temperature in °C
  • USA: Altitude in ft, vario in fpm, distance in miles, speed in mph, pressure in inHg, temperature in °F
    Note that the scale for the graphical vario shows m/s. We are currently developing a sticker you can put over this that will show the scale in fpm.

This is only for the initial setup. You will be able to change the units individually to your liking afterwards.

Use KB up down.png to toggle between metric and USA. Press KB ok.png to confirm your choice.

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