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IGC files

The Flytec Balloon 4 records every flight in IGC format, ready to view on your computer right after landing.

Accessing the files

  1. Connect the Flytec Balloon via USB to a computer
  2. Wait until the FlytecBalloon drive appears
  3. Open the IGC folder
    FB4 folder igc.png
  4. Copy the desired file(s) onto your computer for further processing

Note: The file names are in the format <flight date>-<pilot name>-<number if more than one flights on that day>.igc


A number of online and offline programs exist that process IGC files.

B record format

The B records in IGC files recorded by the Flytec Balloon 4 follow the offical specification, with an additional field at the end: The last three digits contain the envelope temperature in °C.


  • B0015453540746N10556928WA0203102116105
  • B | 001545 | 3540746N | 10556928W | A | 02031 | 02116 | 105
  • 001545: time is 00:15:45 UTC
  • 3540746N: latitude is 35°40.746' N
  • 10556928W: longitude is 105°56.928' W
  • A: GPS reception is good
  • 02031: baro altitude is 2031m
  • 02116: GPS altitude is 2116m
  • 105: envelope temperature is 105°C

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