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Status bar

The status bar at the top of the display shows general information about your Flytec Balloon 4.

FB4 statusbar 053120.jpg
  1. Battery
  2. GPS
  3. Flight recording
  4. Audio
  5. TT34


Icon battery.png
Indicates the current battery charge.


Icon GPS.png

  • blinking: Searching for GPS signal, current position is not determined yet
  • solid: Receiving GPS signal, current position is determined

Flight recording

Icon recording.png

  • off: No flight recording
  • on: Flight data is being recorded


Audio 100.png
Shows the current sound volume.


FB4 statusbar TT34 053120.jpg
5.1 Status
5.2 Reception
5.3 TT34 Battery


  • off: TT34 reception is deactivated
  • blinking: Searching for TT34 signal
  • solid: Receiving data from TT34


The more bars show, the more data packages from the TT34 have been successfully received.

TT34 Battery

Replace the TT34's battery once only one of the squares show.

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