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Select your flight screens

In the Prep menu under Flight pages you can choose, which flight screens you want displayed by ticking the box next to each name. Your choices are:

  • Thermal
  • Thermal XL
  • Wind XL
  • XC
  • Map
  • Race
  • Available flight screens

In the section Flight mode, you can see what each of these screens displays.

Map screen

The screen currently shows you airspaces and information on an active waypoint. You can load airspace files onto your Connect 1 via USB connection and select a file as part of your flight preparation. The orientation of the map can be changed to "heading up" by tapping on it. Zooming in and out is done with the + and - keys and is likely done in flight. In addition you have a North indicator on the map.

  • Configure map screen by tapping on it

List of indicators

The other flight screens show you:

  • Vario (graphic and numeric)
  • Altitude
  • Relative altitude (Alt rel)
  • Speed
  • Glide ratio
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Air time
  • Heading
  • Bearing to next waypoint
  • Distance to next waypoint

Configuring indicators

You can configure any of the indicators above by tapping on them:

  • Graphic vario: set unit
  • Numeric vario: set unit, integration, and integration time
  • Altitude:
Adjust: If "Auto adjust" is enabled, the altitude indicator will adjust to GPS height. If disabled, you can set an absolute height as well as pressure (QNH). Learn how to adjust these values as part of your flight preparation.
Configure: Set the default type you'd like this indicator to show. The choices are pressure, GPS, or relative altitude (Alt rel).
  • Speed: set unit
  • Alt rel: see "Altitude" above
  • Wind speed: Set unit
  • Configure indicators by tapping on them
  • Example: Configure vario
  • Vario parameters

Zeroing relative altitude

To zero the relative altitude, set one of the altitude indicators to Alt rel (see above) and then perform a long press on the indicator. Alternatively tap on it, choose "Adjust" and then "zero".