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Airspace resources

See airspace resources

Activating airspace files

After having loaded airspace files onto the Element via USB, you must activate the files to be displayed on your Element.

Press and hold MENU.
Use the arrow keys to scroll to Airspaces. Select with OK.
Select Import AS, select with OK.
Then scroll through your files using the arrow keys and activate the desired files with F1.
The activation of each file is confirmed with a

Scenario: Flying straight toward an airspace

a) The airspace is directly in front of the pilot with a distance of 15 km. The A discreetly indicates the airspace ahead. On the flight info page of the airspace, the arrow points toward the closest point of the airspace. On this particular page, the arrow does not indicate any navigational elements such as waypoints. See flight mode for further information.

Airspace ahead

b) The pilots is getting closer to the airspace, a "wall" indicating the extension of the airspace is building up. The arrow continues to point toward the closest point of the airspace.

Getting closer

c) The pilot has reached the 400 m mark and an alarm sounds off. At this point the flight info page automatically jumps to the info page about this particular airspace.

400 m mark

d) The pilot has now entered the airspace. The alarm sounds again. The arrow in the compass rose now shows the closest point of the airspace that is outside - in other words, it leads the pilot out of the airspace the quickest possible way.

Inside the airspace

e) The pilot has turned around and left the airspace behind him.

Left the airspace