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Inserting batteries

The Flytec Balloon 4 comes with four pre-charged rechargeable AA batteries, which need to be inserted on the back of the instrument before the first use.

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With a full charge, the Flytec Balloon 4 will run for about 35 hours. New rechargeable batteries reach their full capacity after about 3 charging cycles.

Charging batteries

To charge the batteries, best use the supplied global charger, with the plug best suited for your country, and plug it into the Micro USB port on the vario's right side.
If you do not have the charger at hand, any phone charger with a Micro USB plug will do, but charging times may be a little longer.
The Flytec Balloon 4 cannot be charged from a computer.

Charging information

The four batteries are charged in pairs, batteries 1&2 together, and batteries 3&4 together. For each pair, the charging information can be:

  • charging: the battery pair is being charged
  • full: the battery pair is fully charged
  • wait: the battery pair's temperature is too high, and charging may cause damage to the battery. Charging is suspended and will resume once the temperature has dropped. Batteries that remain in this state for multiple hours are most likely damaged or have expired, and should be replaced.

Note: The Flytec Balloon 4 uses nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries. These are very safe, and unlike other battery types (such as those used in mobile computers and phones), do not pose a fire risk, even if their temperature exceeds the threshold for safe charging. Nevertheless, do not try to recharge physically damaged batteries.

Charging while turned off

We recommend recharging your Flytec Balloon 4 between flights, once the battery charge has dropped below 25%. Turn your vario off for this.
Once you connect the charger, the vario will turn itself on in charging mode, indicated by the running battery charge meter in the status bar, and the battery charge status for the two battery pairs.

Charging while running

You can extend the vario's battery lifetime by connecting a charger or external battery ("power bank") to the Flytec Balloon 4's USB connector once the vario has been switched on. While an external power source is connected, the Flytec Balloon 4 will draw its power from that source to run, and to charge its batteries. Once the external power source is depleted, the internal batteries will be used up.
The charging mode is indicated by the running battery charge meter in the status bar. Additionally, by flipping through the flight pages at the bottom of the screen, you will find an additional page 7, with the charge status for the two battery pairs.

Low battery alert

If the battery charge approaches 10%, the Flytec Balloon 4 emits an acoustic alert, and displays a warning message. This is repeated when turning off the vario, as a reminder to charge the batteries before the next flight.

Replacing batteries

If you forgot to charge the batteries, you can replace them temporarily with four regular Alkaline AA batteries. Remember to switch the battery type to ensure the battery charge indicator is correct.

Rechargeable batteries will loose capacity with time and use. If you find the operation time on a full charge to decrease below 15 hours, it's probably time to replace the batteries with a new set.

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