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Google Earth

Google earth.png

The Flytec Balloon 4 records every flight in Google Earth format (KML), ready to view on your computer right after landing.


Install Google Earth on your computer.

Accessing the files

To visualize your flight in Google Earth:

  1. Connect the Flytec Balloon via USB to a computer
  2. Wait until the FlytecBalloon drive appears
  3. Open the flights folder
    FB4 folder flights.png
  4. Either double click on the flight you want to see, or copy the file onto your computer for later analysis

Note: The file names are in the format <flight date>-<pilot name>-<number if more than one flights on that day>.kml


The Google Earth file includes the following detail information about your flights:

  • Duration
  • Takeoff time
  • Landing time
  • Distance between takeoff and landing
  • Maximum altitude
  • Maximum ground speed
  • Maximum climb
  • Maximum descent
  • Maximum temperature (if TT34 was active and transmitting)

To view the flight details, click on the black triangle next to the file in the Locations section.

Flight detail information

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