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The status bar gives a quick overview of the most important functions that are active on the instrument. By tapping on the status bar, additional information is displayed on the page "Status information".

Connect 1 status bar and status information

Information symbol (i)

This symbol blinks, when a message is waiting for you, such as for a software update or a missing airspace file. It can appear only, if you are connected to the internet.

Wi-Fi symbol

This icon blinks, when the Connect 1 is establishing a connection with a wireless network and is displayed permanently, when the instrument is connected.


The eagle indicates that the Connect 1 has detected your flight according to certain criteria like speed and climb/sinking.

Satellite dish

This icon indicates that you have GPS reception. To ensure your vario records valid flight data, ensure that you have GPS reception before you take off. Recording of your flight then starts when the eagle appears in your status bar and continues until you switch off the Connect 1 (even, if in between you might temporarily lose GPS reception).


If your screen is locked, a lock appears in your status bar.

The page "Status information" provides you with additional details on any available software updates, your battery level, GPS fix, and any Wi-Fi networks you might be connected to. Note that from the status information you automatically return to wherever you were before after 10 seconds.