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Light indicators

The colored light above the screen of the P1 indicates the following processes:

  • Switching on: A green light blinks slowly, about once every two seconds. The blinking stops, and the light goes out, once the boot process was successful.
  • Charging: When charging, first the green LED blinks briefly, then the orange LED is lit permanently. It changes to permanent green, when the P1 is fully charged. A read light indicates a charging problem, and you should contact [Volirium Support].
  • Firmware updates: Orange and green alternate while a software update is in progress.

Emergency reset

Should your P1 lock up, you can perform a hard reboot by pressing both the + and – keys at the same time for about 3 seconds. This procedure is only recommended as an emergency reset and may produce an invalid IGC file if performed during or shortly after a flight. Afterwards, we recommend to switch the P1 on and off again using the on/off button.


Store your P1 in its soft case in a clean, dry place. Never expose the vario to water, extreme temperatures, or mechanical force. For storage periods of several months, make sure the battery is charged between 50 and 70 %. Both a completely full and completely empty battery may cause damage.


Volirium provides a 2-year warranty on all our flight instruments, which covers all fabrication errors. We encourage you to contact us via our [page] any time for support. After its warranty has expired, we will still [[1]] your P1 at a reasonable charge.