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Switching on and off

Switch the P1 on by pressing the orange button at the top of the instrument. To switch it off, press and hold the same button. "Shutdown" appears on your screen, tap on it to confirm shutting down the vario.


Your Volirium P1 comes with a micro-USB wall charger, which you can simply plug into the connector at the bottom of your vario. We recommend using the Volirium charger, as your instrument will charge faster with it compared to other chargers or to a USB cable connected to a computer.

Note: The LiPo battery used in the P1 must not be charged at temperatures below 0° Celsius and above 60° Celsius. Learn about battery charge, when storing your vario.

Touch screen and keys

The Volirium P1 is operated similarly to a smartphone: a combination of touch screen and minimal keys. Both touch screen and keys are optimised for use with and without gloves. On the touch screen, every section either triggers a reaction or reveals further information, when tapped. Particularly on the flight screen, every indicator can be configured by tapping on it.

  • Flipping through flight pages: Whenever you have arrows pointing left and right at the bottom of your screen you have multiple pages through which you can scroll with the arrows. On screen the number of pages available to you appears and the one you have selected is coloured in.
  • Flipping through list pages: In the case of lists (like waypoints, routes etc.), you flip through the pages with the + and - keys. An indicator at the bottom of the screen shows you how many pages there are, and which page is currently on the screen.

Each of the P1's keys serves a double function:

  • Press the key briefly to access its function that is printed in orange. These functions are: minus, return, plus.
  • Hold the key down to access the function under the line, printed in white. These functions are: short cut access to audio volume, home screen, vario status info.

Screen lock

For take-off, you might wish to lock the screen, which is done by simultaneously pressing the + and back keys. A locked screen is symbolised by a lock in the status bar. In flight, the screen lock can be released by pressing any key.