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Manual contents

At the end of this page you see a complete overview of all Element Speed menu items and their hierarchy.

  • The Flytec Element Speed


  • Getting started: General information on your Element Speed, such as switching on/off, batteries, and handling
  • Technical notes: Taking care of your Element Speed

Flight preparation

  • Mounting: See how to mount your Element Speed in various ways
  • Vario profiles: 5 comprehensive and customisable profiles for all flying types
  • Altitude adjustment: Altimeters and their adjustments before your take-off


  • Flight mode: Your flight screen and flight information on the Element Speed



  • General settings: Set your personal preferences, units, time zone, etc.
  • Vario profiles: Configuring the vario profiles
  • Audio settings: Additional acoustic settings such as audio mode and frequency
  • Speed settings: For info on external wind vane sensors, airspeed calibration and settings for the stall alarm

Menu tree

Overview of the Element Speed menu, accessible by long press of the Menu key.

  • The Element Speed menu tree