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Prepare for your flight

Generate coordinates for your flight.

Import or enter waypoints into your Element.

Create and activate a route.

Fly the route

In flight, the Element will show you the direction to your next waypoint as a bold arrow appearing in the compass rose. To fly to the next waypoint on your route, turn your glider until this arrow stays pointed toward the top of the compass rose. Every time you cross a waypoint, your Element will sound a tone and begin pointing you toward the next waypoint.

In the example flight, when you fly from Ager take-off, the device will automatically point the way to Vilanova de M. Once you pass over Vilanova de M, your Element will point you toward Knoll, and so on. Shown below, the pilot has passed Knoll and is heading toward Ridge, but the Element shows the glider is slightly off course. The Element also shows that our pilot's next turn will be to the right, to set a course for Santa Fe.

  • All icons on the compass rose indicate bearings relative to your direction of flight. Your direction of flight is always at the very top of this display
  • Flying the route toward Ridge with next waypoint being Santa Fe.

Required glide to next waypoint

Use Flight Information Display Pages 1 and 6 to help you determine if you have enough altitude to reach your next waypoint when you set off on glide. If your L/D ratio over ground is higher than L/D-required, accelerate with confidence! If you are under the required glide ratio, search for lift.

  • Flight page 1
  • Flight page 6
  • Glide ratio to active waypoint

Passing over waypoints

The Element will sound a short, cheerful tone when you cross a waypoint cylinder edge, and the compass rose will point you toward the next waypoint on your route.

Deviating from your route:

You do not need to follow your route exactly as planned. It is easy to return to a previous waypoint on the route, or to skip a waypoint, or to interrupt your route and navigate to any other waypoint in your stored waypoints list.

Skipping or repeating waypoints

A useful option is to skip forward or backward within an active route. Imagine you just caught a rocketing thermal to over 3000 m at Vilanova de M, so you decide to skip Knoll and proceed straight to Ridge instead.

Press and hold RTE.
Use the arrow keys to select Ridge. Press OK.

You will now be guided to the waypoint you have selected. Once you reach it, the active route will continue from there. Use the same procedure to skip backwards to a previous waypoint in your route.


Activate or deactivate a Goto

After your flight

Review your flight with the flight summary page in your flight memory

  • Flight summary page

Transfer your flight onto your computer using a USB connection and evaluate and visualise it using various tools.